Who we are

FREEDOM AND IDENTITY IN CENTRAL EUROPE empowers voices that champion professional dialogue on freedom, human rights, democracy, and identity. We identify strengthening the transatlantic relationship as a core component of our work, drawing together lawyers and activists from Central and Eastern Europe as well as North America. Together, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the diverse communities and traditions that make up Europe’s eastern flank, promoting unity and mutual understanding within the region.


We believe that democracy and identity go hand in hand. Without the protection of democracy, identity can be threatened by totalitarianism, while democracy can become shallow and meaningless without strong identities.  Strengthening both freedom and identity is crucial for a more peaceful and democratic world.

As a region with a rich tapestry of cultures, Central Europe has a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Considering the diverse traditions, regional peculiarities, and strong local communities that make up this part of the world is part of getting a better understanding on Central Europe. By promoting professional discussion on these vital issues, we aim to contribute to making better policy decisions on both sides of the Atlantic.

Through events, publications, and increased dialogue, we aim to explore the interplay between human rights and identity in Central Europe, and discuss the importance of religious freedom and cultural, linguistic, and national identities in the region.


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